Take more pictures. Dance more. See more plays. Calm down. Take more risks. Have more faith. Read more books. Cook more meals. Take deeper breaths. And more steps. Forward. Advertisements

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Midsummer Classic

As I type, the MLB All-Star game is being played. (The American League is in the lead, shocking no one.) This break in the season is always my wakeup call for the summer- when I acknowledge that Hey! It actually really is SUMMER! We’re past the 4th of July, Labor Day is still six weeks off, […]

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How to Pack for a Trip

In the weeks before your trip, think about how excited you are to pack. Feel motivated to pack. Tell yourself it’s way too early and would only inconvenience your life if you were to start packing now. 3 days prior to departure make a list of the days you’ll be away and the corresponding high/low […]

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Tomorrow is December 1st, which makes today November 30th, which makes it that last day of NaBloPoMo 2012. In a totally selfish way, this might be my favorite NaBloPoMo yet. I say selfish because I didn’t take a lot of time to comment on other people’s blogs; actually, my blog reading commitment level has even […]

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