Tomorrow is December 1st, which makes today November 30th, which makes it that last day of NaBloPoMo 2012. In a totally selfish way, this might be my favorite NaBloPoMo yet. I say selfish because I didn’t take a lot of time to comment on other people’s blogs; actually, my blog reading commitment level has even been a little lower than usual.

What I’m happy with is that it feels like the month flew by, and normally I’d be sitting here freaking out about where it went and wondering what the hell I did with all that time. A quick glance through my blog reminded me that I dug myself out of a major laundry hole, had some wonderful friend time, enjoyed two great museum experiences, saw a bunch of shows, and made some tasty food. There were bigger, more conceptual posts, photos, and some entries that simply stated what I was up to that day. I’m really happy that I have that, and it’s good motivation to keep it up. Vlogging is still my favorite platform for putting my thoughts on the internet, but I need to be writing sometimes too.

I’ll see you around real soon. Thanks for reading!


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