Midsummer Classic

As I type, the MLB All-Star game is being played. (The American League is in the lead, shocking no one.) This break in the season is always my wakeup call for the summer- when I acknowledge that Hey! It actually really is SUMMER! We’re past the 4th of July, Labor Day is still six weeks off, and even though the days are technically getting shorter already, they still feel good and long. Despite all signs pointing to it being the dead of summer, including the brutal heat wave(s) we’ve been experiencing, I’ve still caught myself saying This summer I’d like to… [record scratch] Summer is here. Summer is now.

I have a hint of an incidental tan, my hair is consistently wavy, and I’ve been sleeping in air conditioning most nights. Clearly I’m living me some summer. Maybe to really feel it I need to get myself to a beach.

The other component of the Oh, it’s the All-Star break already? realization is acknowledging that the year is more than half over. I don’t know how to feel about that this year. In a lot of ways, my world has significantly changed in the last six months, and I’ve actually accomplished a decent amount. I’ve started consistently attending class and danced in two productions, completed my CrossFit on-boarding, read/watched/seen/made a hefty amount of art, gone on a few good trips, and taken some intimidating risks. I’ve fallen on my face and I’ve come out high-fiving. I’ve been blissfully happy and a hot, hot mess. I’ve felt embarrassingly weak, but more often than that I’ve been pretty god damn brave.

Maybe that’s what I can say about this year so far: I have been brave.

In fact, on Sunday after I took my first aerials class (yes, I’m still skittish about heights) and pitched/auditioned a piece I’d like to choreograph for the next season of DanceWorks I shot off the following text message:

It just occurred to me that I was one BRAVE MOTHERFUCKER today.

Because RIGHT?

I’m also not very humble acutely aware of my own awesome and need my mouth washed out with soap.

So, thanks for the self-check, MLB. It’s nice to acknowledge that I’ve been kicking some ass with 2013. Oh, and I’ve grown out my bangs.


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